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Ken Taylor is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, songwriter and author. He has become a fixture in the New York open mic scene preforming his original, soulful, socially conscious songs and poetry with a funky old school R&B edge. He is also a published poet and author and a retired bus operator for the city of New York.


Kentaa has worked with DJ/producer David Morales while vocal coaching and producing tracks for dance artist, Barbara Tucker.  During this same period. Kentaa began doing productions for Atlantic Records, working with renowned C&C Music Factory producer Robert Clivilles on Dorothy Galdez’s “One Love” and Sharon Harris’ “Shy Guy.”  He also worked with Clivilles on the single “It’s Too Late” (cowritten by dance diva Tonya Wynn) for singer Lydia Love which received New York airplay from influential DJ Frankie Crocker.


In film, Kentaa has provided music for “Hard Chorus” and “Hip Hop in the Promised Land”—two shorts comedic films by award winning director Jamal Joseph for Comedy Central produced by Joseph/Meadows Productions. He also provided music for videos projects produced and directed by Angela Fontanez for the Spence-Chapin company. 


Kentaa had scored several independent projects including music for indi movie director McClinton Karma Stanley’s “Take No Prisoners”, and also worked on Sandra Dubose-Gibson’s film “Project Liberation”. 


In 2009, Kentaa created his music production company Skyculture Music. Skyculture Music has produced several musical offerings from his studio. Skyculture Studio productions include his CD entitled “Rising” and several downloadable “CD’s” of original music available on his web site


Skyculture Studio is now available for voice overs and independent projects. Skyculture Music has expanded to include video production and editing, completing video projects for prolific jewelry designer IMANI Jewelry and award winning artist/fashion designer PSCOT, and videos for aspiring independent entrepreneurs, musicians and spoken word artists.


His new book “Random Revelations” was published in 2919. He now preforms as solo artist and with his band ‘Skyculture’ in the New York area.

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